Cryoclamp Memory Container

der8auer ECC Cryoclamp is my first memory container for LN2 and DICE cooling. Being part of the OC-World-Cup from G.Skill I managed to achieve some very good results with this beast. 8ECC Cryoclamp will fit on all modules going from single sided over dual sided to modules with stock IHS.
Thanks to Rachel Tsou for showing off my new product to the crowd on Computex 2014! (08.06.2014)

Fusion rev 3.1

The new generation of CPU Containers is available for sale now! Like all my other pots - WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING! (22.03.2013)


After the release of the RAPTOR3 you can now also find a SLIM version of the RAPTOR in my store. It comes along with a new packaging and it has FREE SHIPPING! (23.12.2012)


Check out my latest pot RAPTOR3 - the ultimate GPU pot.

It's also available in the shop for direct purchase. (14.12.2012)


The new shop-system is now online. Have a look around and check out the new products available in the shop. If you have any questions, feedback or noticed bugs - please notify me: (18.10.2012)

Liquid Tape available for sale

der8auer ECC is now also selling PLASTI DIP® Liquid Tape! (06.09.2012)

der8auer ECC becomes GELID eTailer

der8auer ECC is now officially selling GELID's thermal compound GC-Extreme - your choice for extreme overclocking! (03.09.2012)

Raptor revision 2 - professional packaging

With the launch of Raptor rev2 I created my own packaging to provide a 100% safe shipping all around the world! (12.07.2012)

Raptor revision 2

Finally it's available! Go to Products and check out the new LN2/DICE GPU Pot called Raptor rev2 (11.07.2012)

Raptor revision 2 ready to launch

The new Raptor rev2 is finally available for sale. Only the product pictures are missing so stay tuned and meanwhile you can already look at the details of my new pot. Product pictures will be available by next week (07.07.2012)

Fusion revision 3

Looking for a fantastic new LN2 or DICE container to push your hardware to the limit? Check out the new der8auer Fusion rev3 container! (14.04.2012)

First CPU insulation kit online

70 mm Armaflex insulation tube is now available for sale. Prepare for Fusion rev3! (04.04.2012)

K-Type thermocouples available for sale

Looking for a way to measure the pot-temperature? Check out my new K-Type thermocouples! (30.03.2012)

Looking for perfect insulation? Take a look at LiquidTape

LiquidTape is one of the easiest and safest ways for electrical insulation of your hardware. Take a closer look at it. (22.03.2012)

Information "About der8auer" available

Who is der8auer and what do I do? Just go to About der8auer and learn more about me. (21.03.2012)

Added "History" tab

In the new History tab you can find the most popular products I created within the last few years. (20.03.2012)

Update on Contact and Order information

You'll find new details how to get in contact with me (Contact) and I updated the shipping costs (Order & Shipping). (19.03.2012)

New homepage design

Welcome to the new der8auer Extreme-Cooling homepage. Feel free to have a look around even though this page is still under construction. (18.03.2012)